With its multi-disciplined, expertise and involvement, JCE is the eligible deliverer of consultancy for all aspects of engineering
construction and environmental projects.
a) Soil Testing Services
– Field Density Test – Soil Classification Test – Moisture Density Relationship – Consolidation Test
b) Concrete Testing Services
– Slump Test- Air Content Test – Compressive Strength Test – Petro graphic Examination – Tile Abrasion Test – Concrete Core Compressive Strength
c) Asphalt Technology
– Design of flexible pavement – Marshall Stability and Flow d) Other Testing Services – Chemical analysis of soil and water.


Survey division is one of the wings of JCE services and it is more meaningful for projects and has a more precise concept to
provide perfection. In all kinds of projects such as land andsite development, building setting outs, construction of water supply, drainage,
oil & gas pipelines surveying works play a major part.

Considering the main purpose of a survey, degree of precision required, nature of the country and the cost of survey, the engineer may decide
upon methods and instruments best suited to a particular case. JCE’s Survey works are run by our associates, who have qualified surveyors,
capable of producing accurate drawings to illustrate the in-situ features, with required perspective. Survey crews are well organized and
equipped with latest the Total Stations, Auto leveling instruments, Theodolites and GPS.


Resistivity tests are being made to evaluate the ground resistance offered to current flow, and the results are vital in designing the grounding system for Electrical Installations.  The test is conducted using Wenner’s four Electrode methods, with reference to ASTM G-57. By means of the tests, the potential difference between the outer and inner electrodes is measured for a specified current flow, for a specified spacing. Results are presented in Ohm-meter that can also be correlated to find water table and other related parameters.


Water tests are being made to evaluate the pH value, Sulphates and Chlorides present in ground water and in soil. The tests are carried out as per IS 3025.
Why should you trust JCE on your Consultancy Work:
Client’s consultant is his trusted organ in assuring the implementation of
the standards envisaged in the project. To this end JCE can ensure:
1. Provide foundation recommendation with or without ground
2. The ground conditions that can accommodate the design favorably;
3. Monitoring the day to day progressive stages of the design;
4. Ensure the quality control of the construction and material use;
5. The network facilitation within JCE to address in situ problems
6. The presence of direct communication with experts within JCE or other
associates to advice on developing matters;
7. The strategically located JCE office to address any issue with speed and


For the satisfactory performance of the services offered by JCE, our in-house
laboratory and field equipment include:
1. Skid Mounted rotary drilling rigs – 6 nos. However it can be increased
with our associates.
2. Hydraulic Rigs – 2 Nos.
3. Field vane shear tests.
4. Assortment of field testing units.
5. Laboratory testing facilities for soil, rock and concrete
6. Comprehensive chemical laboratories (including our associates)
7. Latest land survey equipment including Total Station, Theodolites, level &
8. Earth Resistivity test Apparatus.
9. Schmidt Hammer tests.

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